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Learning outcomes on the programme level

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Learning outcomes related to multimedia production:

  • LO1: Recognize and elaborate different concepts of information design by applying principles and tools according to medium, channel and platform.
  • LO2: Analyse needs, consider factors and anticipate challenges through the development phase of planning and pre-production
  • LO3: Know the settings, trends and technological capabilities of equipment for creating multimedia content
  • LO4: Know effective communication through media and channels, creating a creative story in the required form and body of work
  • LO5: Know and develop prototypes of multimedia interactivity, narrative and content immersion.
  • LO6: Construct ergonomic and functional interfaces, comparing them with existing ones, valorising trends and established ways of use
  • LO7: Identify the main development guidelines of interactive web solutions and construct adequate prototypes
  • LO8: Build web systems using adequate programming, presentation and stylistic languages ​​and their solutions.
  • LO9: Develop and upgrade web systems using a variety of development, testing and deployment environments.
  • LO10: Know and use modern techniques of creating and processing sound and use adequate devices and tools to optimize the process
  • LO11: Integrate sound, sound effects and narration within a video and multimedia solution
  • LO12: Apply the legalities of creating photographic and video content in controlled and uncontrolled conditions
  • LO13: Analyse real appearances of light and recreate them through adequate use of lighting, studio equipment, uncontrolled lighting and photo and video camera settings
  • LO14: Evaluate and create graphic elements of communication through vector and raster applications
  • LO15: Know and manage the process of video production and the use of modern hardware and software solutions for flexible and optimized work
  • LO16: Apply and elaborate video processing and post-production solutions to achieve the desired look and effect
  • LO17: Synthesize knowledge from audio-video production in the form of creating a production system for events, projects and continuous creation of multimedia content.
  • LO18: Build multimedia systems by analysing business requirements through the best practical solutions

General learning outcomes

  • LO19: Recognize and interpret applicable media theories and agreements with multimedia content, in practice
  • LO20: Design innovative solutions or/and innovative adaptations of current solutions so that created media content and information can be presented in a more creative way while meeting user expectations.
  • LO21: Use research methods as well as active analyses and implement the obtained conclusions through the requirements of clients, users and multimedia solutions
  • LO22: Adapt existing and create new business solutions and opportunities through a refreshed approach to presentation and visual problem solving
  • LO23: Plan and lead projects, and creatively manage project micro-processes from users to team members, developing ideas, concepts and communication
  • LO24: Independently manage relationships with other team members, recognizing possible sources of misunderstanding and conflict, and proactively and effectively acting to suppress them
  • LO25: Valorise project priorities and adequately implement their implementation through the prism of the effect of results, profitability and time consumption
  • LO26: Evaluate a creative and entrepreneurial idea through implementation into a business and organizational plan along with a financing plan
  • LO27: Independently organize the way to upgrade your own knowledge, either through practical experience or through verification of knowledge through certification exams


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