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Professional Bachelor Study Programme in Applied Computer Engineering

Software Engineering

This study programme is validated by Goldsmiths, University of London. Seize the unique opportunity to study in English and earn a Dual Degree from Algebra University College and Goldsmiths, University of London!

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  • No.1 quality assurance system in Croatia
  • Creating a digital future in Croatia for 25 years
  • Institutional exchange agreements with more than 100 institutions
  • 96% of alumni employed 3 months after graduation

The time has come to jump on the bandwagon of one of the most sought-after and exciting professions in computer engineering and become a key player on the digital playground.

Our bachelor course stands ready to offer you a programme tailored and suited to absolutely the latest industry trends and internationally recognized standards. This means that with a diploma from Algebra, you’ll be ready to sail into corporate waters in Croatia and abroad almost immediately.

Upon receiving our diploma, you’ll know everything there is to know about software engineering, you’ll master the dominant object-oriented .NET and JAVA languages, learn how to programme, develop and manage complex apps and IT systems. Wherever you see your future, Agebra’s diploma is bound to put the wind in your sails.

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Examples of jobs we’re preparing you for

  • Development of complex computer applications for desktop and web
    You’ll be developing applications and turning user requests into functionalities from market analysis to product development.
  • Development of computer applications for mobile devices
    Thousands of new ideas for that perfect mobile app are being developed each day. Be a part of the new Instagram, WhatsApp or Twitter.
  • Development and management of information systems
    The perfect job awaits those who get excitement from solving problems in a dynamic environment. You’ll oversee the installation and functioning of complex systems, and take part in strategic planning and quality control.
  • Manage application development projects
    You’ll manage development teams and make sure that all pieces of these complex systems fall into place and in line with the client’s wishes.
  • Development of business information systems
    High quality information systems can greatly enhance business competitiveness and their development requires specialist experts in the field of software engineering.

Example Class

Java Programming (I and II)

Adaptive, flexible programming language has been around for over 20 years. These two connected courses will prepare you for creating object-oriented applications in the most popular language from its basics to advanced capabilities. You’ll practice on assigned scenarios, go through basic functions, but also more advanced ones such as programming frameworks RMI and JNDI and their applicability.

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