European Silicon Valley

The technology sector in Ireland employs over 105,000people with 75% employed in multinational companies, while the rest is employed in the indigenous digital technology sector.

During the last three years, technology companies have opened more than 17,500 jobs. The same sector is responsible for 40% of national exports and is home to the 10 largest global technology companies. Ireland is emerging as the center of the technological world.

Recent comprehensive research published at the beginning of June by UPC (the European division of Liberty Global, Inc., the world’s leading telecommunications and cable operator) predicts that up to 150,000 jobs could be created in the field of Irish internet economy by 2020 as a result of continuing growth of broadband services and the overall digitalization of society, industry and commerce in Ireland.
In addition, the value of Ireland’s internet economy has been forecast to grow during this period from its current level of 8.4 billion to 21.1 billion euros (10% of GDP).

For people entering the labor market, it is encouraging to hear that the report also found that 59% of companies surveyed confirmed they planned to recruit new staff during the next two years with a strong emphasis on skills and knowledge including analytics, programming, social media and digital marketing.

The above mentioned research is just another confirmation of Ireland as the Silicon Valley of Europe which is also indicated at the beginning of this text in the remark made by ICT Ireland, the leading representative body for the technology sector in Ireland.

It is quite clear that, during the following years, this rapidly growing sector of Irish economy will continue to demand a constant stream of professional, highly qualified and educated personnel, individuals who will use their specialized knowledge and skills in order to contribute to the development of the European Silicon Valley.

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