Travel and Acommodation

Travelling to Dublin

The distance between Zagreb and Dublin is 2,258 kilometers. Although these cities are connected by airlines such as Croatia Airlines and Lufthansa, due to direct flights and cheaper ticket prices, many people will opt to fly with low-cost airlines that connect Croatia and Ireland.

One of the most affordable companies that connect Croatia and Dublin is Ryanair. Ryanair tickets from Zadar to Dublin in one direction can be found starting from 24 euros and return tickets can be purchased starting from 48 euros.

Also, with Irish national airline Aer Lingus, it is possible to fly directly to Dublin from Pula and Dubrovnik. Ticket prices in one direction start from 80 euros and Aer Lingus frequently offers great discounts on its website.

Accommodation, Scholarship, Part Time Jobs

At the end of 2017, the average apartment rent in Dublin has increased to EUR 1400 per month, but the fee is significantly lower in case the apartment or house is located outside the city centre (an average of EUR 750 for a house and EUR 700 for an apartment). Accommodation in Dublin is also possible in student accommodation (starting from EUR 150 per week). Students are able to apply to stay in Griffith Halls of Residence (GHR), which is the on-campus accommodation in Dublin campus. Application can be made through www.ghr.ie.

International students can apply for numerous grants and scholarships in Ireland. Some of the grants and scholarships offered can be found on the website Education in Ireland. Students can earn additional pocket money by working part time (20 hours per week). The minimum wage in Ireland is set from EUR 7.64 per hour to EUR 9.55 per hour (depending on experience).


In Dublin, it is possible to organize meals independently or make use of the student restaurant Arthur’s Restaurant & Bar Griffith College Dublin, which offers various types of meal plans.

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