Image for Studying at Algebra University College has had a huge impact on the development of my knowledge and skills

Studying at Algebra University College has had a huge impact on the development of my knowledge and skills

How often do you hear a story about someone who decided to change their life from scratch and move to…Zagreb? Almost 3 years ago, Mohamed Hafez did exactly that by moving from Kairo to Zagreb to enroll in the Digital Marketing study programme at Algebra University College, and that was only the beginning of his interesting journey.

“Sometimes in life you just make a decision to leave your home and your comfort zone believing that everything will be alright as you take a dive into the unknown. I made that decision, but it was not an impulsive one. It was a well-planned, organized and thought out move.” – said Mohamed.

“I knew I wanted to build a career in the field of digital marketing and as I browsed for study programmes I stumbled upon Algebra University College that had one of only a few master study programmes in Digital Marketing. I was surprised by that fact as my search was really thorough. I looked at the curriculum and found courses such as Digital Data in Marketing, Marketing Strategies Based on Data Sets, Strategic Management of Digital Campaigns, Critical Thinking and more, and I was truly thrilled! I can say that I have an analytical personality, so these courses were a perfect fit for me. I prepared everything, applied for the program, got accepted, made all the necessary arrangements and moved to Zagreb”.

Studying at Algebra

Since “There is nothing permanent except change” (Heraclitus), in 2017 Algebra University College introduced some interesting novelties: new courses, master’s degree fully in English… Always something new. I met Mohamed, one of our first full time international students, on the introductory lecture I was teaching. As time went by, his curiosity and critical thinking made him stand out even more. At the end of the semester, he captured the attention with an unusually relaxed and confident presentation of the final project during which he not only reproduced the acquired knowledge but introduced innovative elements into the visual analysis that exceed the limits set by the scope of the project task.- says Zdravko Kunić, a lecturer on our master study programme.

Mohamed loved the study programme, and as digital marketing is a broad term, he decided to develop more in the field of data science by paying more attention and practice to such courses. In addition, Mohamed joined Foreo in parallel with his studies, and remotely worked as a freelancer for several clients around the world.

“Working while studying gave me the opportunity to perfect my skills in chosen fields of interest. It all comes down to doing the right job in the right place at the right time.” adds Mohamed with a laugh.

“From day one I felt very comfortable at Algebra. It is a place that exudes welcome, it is young, digital, cool and filled with incredible positive energy. Studying at Algebra University College has had a huge impact on the development of my knowledge and skills. ” Mohamed adds that his master studies provided him with a rich strategic view of marketing and an understanding of the depth of digital marketing.

Assistant lecturer on the study program

Not long after graduating, Mohamed contacted Professor Kunić with questions about the direction in which he should perfect in the field of business analytics. After a few emails, as the pandemic had not yet started, they met for coffee to exchange views.

The conversation led them to a common topic in the academic circle, and that is that you can best improve your skills by teaching others, to which Zdravko suggested that Mohamed become an assistant in his course. And Mohamed accepted it without hesitation, to Zdravko's delight. "A radiant face told me by heart a handful of new ideas, completely in line with the qualities I expected from a candidate for an assistant, and these are, in addition to knowledge, those three words not mentioned in the introduction: curiosity, criticism and self-initiative. Today, a few months later, he is already putting those ideas into action ", says Professor Kunić.

Life in Croatia

Finally, we asked Mohamed how he likes living in Croatia, to which he cheerfully replied.

“You are lucky if you live in Croatia, in the heart of old Europe, in a country where everything is small enough, and yet big enough. Life in Croatia is peaceful and balanced and allows you to have everything that is important and meaningful.”

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