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Summer admission dates record 7% more students than last year!

Despite this year’s challenging circumstances, Algebra’s summer admissions deadline ends with a record high in the number of enrolled freshmen

Algebra’s summer admission dates for undergraduate study programs recorded 7% more enrolments than last year, reaching almost 300 freshmen. The Computing university study program also sparked a lot of interest, which Algebra will start offering this year in English, as part of a mentorship program in collaboration with the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing, with the aim of further internationalization of both institutions.

Despite dire forecasts heard several months ago, at the onset of the pandemic, that private higher learning institutions will record significantly lower admission numbers in undergraduate programs this year, Algebra enrolled more freshmen than ever during its July summer admissions deadline. In July and August, almost 300 future students enrolled in undergraduate programs, with software engineering, digital marketing, 3D and digital design and multimedia computing attracting the most interest. This is a 7% uptake compared to last year’s numbers.

This is especially indicative in the context of admission records of previous years, because Algebra has a track record of enrolling between 75 and 80 per cent of its future students in the summer admission deadline, which is somewhat of an exception in the domain of private learning institutions, since the summer admissions are usually reserved for best-scoring students. There are only about 25 spots left in each of the undergraduate study programs, to be filled during the fall submission deadline, which is now in progress.

Algebra has also reported that almost two thirds of the quota has been filled for the new Computing university undergraduate program, offered in collaboration with the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing. This is a new university program, which will be launched starting this fall semester, as part of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing mentorship program, after which Algebra will complete its accreditation process for becoming Algebra University. The Computing university program is offered by Algebra in line with the FER3 program, taught by lecturers and professors from both Algebra and FER, in English, which Algebra hopes will be an added bonus in attracting a greater number of international students.

“The rising number of student admissions, especially during a challenging year such as this one, demonstrates that choosing a career in digital technologies is a sound life decision. The focus on digital technologies, including computing, multimedia, digital marketing and design, ensures stable growth for Algebra. Both Croatian and foreign companies operating in IT and creative sectors fared relatively well during lockdown earlier this year, in fact, they report no reduction in their need to recruit and employ new experts. Students make a wise decision in choosing a career path in these fields and the number of enrolments in the summer deadline reflects that. We were also pleasantly surprised by the interest in the Computing university program, the launch of which as part of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing mentorship program was only just recently announced”, said Mislav Balković, PhD, Dean of Algebra University College.

Algebra also continues to expand its scientific and research activities, announcing the first Horizon 2020 program, including the participation of “InnORBIT”, whose focus is acceleration and encouraging the commercialization of space technologies, that is, the technologies that are the byproduct of space exploration. Among other interesting projects, IRI2 “PowerGrid” stands out in the area of industrial automation and robotization, in collaboration with the company PROEL, as well as a series of Interreg and Erasmus+ projects starting in the new academic year.

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