Image for Top Design students receive awards for fast food chain visual solutions

Top Design students receive awards for fast food chain visual solutions

By cooperating with the business sector, in this case the well-known chain of fast food stores, Ali Kebaba, Algebra University College wants to provide its Design students with the experience, early on in their studies, of real conditions and processes of collaborating with companies – their future clients. The undergraduate Design program has also awarded one full and four partial scholarships for enrolment in the program, while new prospective students can still apply for the study programme, since the semester starts in October.

The Visual Communications Design study program of the Algebra University College, together with its partner, the well-known fast food chain, Ali Kebaba, have presented the awards to the third and fifth semester students who have participated in the project of creating the company’s visual identity and branding solution. The third semester students worked on creating a brand strategy and visual identity, as well as putting together a brand book, while the fifth semester students worked on product packaging design.

Participating in these sort of projects, in collaboration with partner companies for which the students develop ideas and solutions, is an integral part of the hands-on, practical know-how taught in our study programme. At the end of each project, the students do a real agency pitch, where they present their visual solutions to the clients. This sort of practical, project-based learning is devised to help the students experience real market conditions and become acquainted with trends and processes of working in market communications by collaborating with a real company.

The award for the best brand solution and visual identity went to Dalibor Kušenić, while Dario Srnec and Ivan Šimić won second and third place. The best product packaging design was designed by Anamarija Karlović. All the winners also won monetary prizes.

Since classes in the Visual Communications Design undergraduate program at Algebra University College begin in October and our Admissions Office is still receiving queries from prospective students, you can still fill out our online application and apply for a motivation interview until the end of the September.

“By recognizing the efforts of business enterprises to stay up to date with fresh visual communication ideas and make a long-term investment in their branding and visual communications design, this study program involves working on a real business project,” explains Siniša Bogdanović, D.A. Head of the undergraduate and graduate Design study at Algebra University College. “The whole process was semester-long and the students excelled in accomplishing all the elements of the project task – research, surveys, creating a customer profile/persona, idea solutions and drafts, and the final project – the brand book. We believe that the students will benefit from participating in this sort of project by getting a much better overview of the creative industry its trends,” he stated.

“It is Ali Kebaba’s vision to become a world brand, so, with this idea in mind, we wanted to create a fresh and comprehensive image of the entire brand. We were looking for innovation and creativity, so we decided to hire Generation Z, under the mentorship of Siniša Bogdanović, to take our visual identity that extra mile. Recognizing market trends and wanting to further expand our business, but also introduce new ideas to our Ali Kebaba project, we decided that what we needed was precisely the student creative mindset and input. During our collaboration, the students achieved our desired goal for the Ali Kebaba brand, which is to bring our food products and services closer to our customers. The solutions created by the students made the creative difference we were looking for, which is why the best solutions have also received awards. We would especially like to thank the students and their mentor for their efforts and creative suggestions and we hope to continue developing this collaboration in the future,” said Valerijan Božić, CEO of Ali Kebaba.

In addition, Algebra University College has recently awarded scholarships to the best future students who have submitted their scholarship applications for the Visual Communications Design study programme. Dora Biroš received a full scholarship, covering entire tuition costs, based on her application, track record and final design for a possible startup company, while Mirela Češkić, Maja Krištafor, Inga Đuđik and Doris Stipanović have been awarded partial scholarships for the Visual Communications Design study program at Algebra University College.

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