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Cyber security defences

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Cyber security defences

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This module is designed for students to learn the fundamental skills needed to analyse the internal and external security threats against a network, and to implement security mechanisms to protect an organization’s information. During this module students will learn to evaluate network and Internet security issues and provide security solutions such as designing a security policy, troubleshooting networks, and digital signatures.

Students will learn:
Fundamental goals, benefits, challenges, and available countermeasures for network defense.
Analyze cryptography algorithms and design implementation strategies for privacy and security of information.
Role of the Intrusion Detection and Prevention System in defending thenetworks.
Linux and Windows security concerns and hardening techniques such as password management, security baseline configurations, etc.
Identify risks associated with IoT and mobile devices and select appropriate countermeasures including policies, guidelines, and tools.
Implement application whitelisting and blacklisting, sandboxing, patch management, and web application firewall, encryption techniques, and secure design strategies for data loss prevention.
Examine the evolution of network security management in virtualized IT environments.
Cloud computing concepts and different security concerns.
Wireless networking concepts, network encryption mechanisms, authentication methods, and advantages of network traffic monitoring.
Logging concepts, centralized log monitoring and perform log analysis to manage secure network operations.
Development a risk management program and implement different strategies such as attack surface analysis and cyber threat intelligence to reduce organizational risks.

This module is the foundation for the Cyber Security modules.


Essential reading:
[Anon.] (2020). Certified Network Defender, Albuquerque: Ec-Council
Recommended reading:
Easttom II, W.C., (2013). Network defense and countermeasures: principles and practices. Hoboken: Pearson IT Certification.
Further reading:
Molina-Markham, A., Winder, R.K. and Ridley, A., (2021). Network Defense is Not a Game. arXiv preprint arXiv:2104.10262.

Preuzmi vodič za studente

Minimalni ishodi učenja

  • Procijeniti ciljeve, prednosti, izazove i dostupne protumjere u sklopu mrežne zaštite.
  • Procijeniti ulogu sustava detekcije i prevencije neovlaštenog sustava u obrani sigurnosti mreže.
  • Procijeniti rizike povezane s operacijskim sustavima i odabrati odgovarajuću zaštitu.
  • Prepoznati rizike povezane sa IoT sustavima i mobilnim uređajima te odabrati odgovarajuću zaštitu.
  • Procijeniti rizike povezane s računarstvom u oblaku i odabrati odgovarajuću zaštitu.
  • Prepoznati rizike povezane s bežičnim mrežama i odabrati odgovarajuću zaštitu.

Željeni ishodi učenja

  • Projektirati rješenje za mrežnu zaštitu.
  • Projektirati rješenje za sustave detekcije i prevencije neovlaštenog sustava u sklopu mrežne zaštite.
  • Projektirati odgovarajuće rješenje za zaštitu operacijskih sustava.
  • Projektirati odgovarajuće rješenje za zaštitu IoT sustava i mobilnih uređaja.
  • Projektirati odgovarajuće rješenje za zaštitu računarstva u oblaku.
  • Projektirati odgovarajuće rješenje za zaštitu bežičnih mreža.
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