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Advanced DevOps

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Advanced DevOps

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Students will learn how to implement principles such as:
• using ad-hoc and playbook-based automation and orchestration to deliver large-scale configuration changes
• parametrization of playbooks so that we can re-use the playbooks in other playbooks

This module is important to support student's understanding and ability to implement complex, automated and orchestrated solutions to manage a large-scale environment. This module builds on previous topics of advanced automatization and orchestration as these principles are the basic principles of DevOps.

After successfully passing this module students will be able to implement and maintain DevOps-based infrastructure in a modern, hosted or cloud-based world (e.g. for enterprise companies, or startup companies delivering software solutions).


Essential reading:
1. Feagle, T., Quatermain, H., Spohn, D., Vasquez, A., Weetman, M. (2019) Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.0 RH294 Red Hat System Administration III: Linux Automation, [s.l.] Red Hat.

Recommended reading:
1. Hall, D. (2015), Ansible Configuration Management, Livery Place, 35 Livery Street, Birmingham B3 2PB, UK, Packt Publishing.

Further reading:
1. Shah, G., (2015), Ansible Playbook Essentials, Livery Place, 35 Livery Street, Birmingham B3 2PB, UK, Packt Publishing.

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