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Authentication systems and databases

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Authentication systems and databases

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The objective of this module is to enable students to learn:
• LDAP directories and Active Directory
• the managaement and administration of Microsoft SQL database

Students learn the LDAP and Active Directory, a standard and a most prominent implementation of LDAP directory standard on the market. Students will start with LDAP and Active Directory from the bottom up (other modules in the curriculum focus on how to "objectify" and look into LDAP and Active Directory top-down). Students will also learn SQL server deployment and management, which is essential knowledge for IT for the 21st century.

It is important for students to take this module as it will enable them to comprehensively learn the most commonly used authentication system (LDAP/Active Directory) and most commonly used database (Microsoft SQL) on the market.


Essential reading:
1. Carter, G. (2003) LDAP System Administration: Putting Directories to work, PO Box 722, Farnham GU9 1PL, O'Reilly
2. Assaf W., West, R., Aelterman, S., Curnutt, M. (2018) SQL Server 2017 Administration Inside Out 1st Edition, Microsoft Press

Recommended reading:
1. Desmond, B., Richards, J., Allen, R., G.Lowe-Norris A. (2013) Active Directory: Designing, Deploying and Running Active Directory Fifth Edition, PO Box 722, Farnham GU9 1PL, O'Reilly

Further reading:
1. Radivojevic, M. Sarka, D., Durkin, W., Cote, C., Lah, M. (2019) Mastering SQL Server 2017, Livery Place, 35 Livery Street, Birmingtham B3 2PB, Packt Publishing.

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