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This module introduces students to the knowledge and understanding of programming concepts and the tools and ways of thinking required to solve simple programming problems.

This module is core to both Applied Computer Engineering and Multimedia Computing study programmes and provides the foundation for a wide number of programming modules that students of the Applied Computer Engineering study programme will take in the following semesters.

For the Multimedia Computing study programme, although the number of programming modules is lower, they still form a vital group of modules teaching mostly frontend and some backend programming. In both cases, skills learnt in this module will contribute significantly to students’ development as professionals in respecting fields.

Students will learn:
• Programming foundations, which are necessary to build skills that are more complex and required in the labour market.
• How to formulate simple algorithms and use variables, statements and basic containers to implement those algorithms.
• About functions, user-defined data types and working with textual files.
• How to use software development tools.
• How to transform problem statements into algorithms.

The module is taught either in C++ (for Applied Computer Engineering with subspecialisation in Software Engineering students), Python (for Applied Computer Engineering with subspecialisation in System Engineering students) or PHP (for Multimedia Computing students). The module assessment is based on solving a series of smaller practical tasks in the defined programming language and software development tool.


Essential reading:
1. Stroustrup, B. (2013) C++ Programming Language. 4th edn. Boston: Addison-Wesley Professional.

Recommended reading:
1. Grimes, R. (2017) Beginning C++ Programming. Birmingham: Packt Publishing.

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