Image for Apply for Flutter Hot Restart in Algebra – 15.11.2022

Apply for Flutter Hot Restart in Algebra – 15.11.2022

Dear students,

we invite you to „Flutter Hot Restart“ from the Flutter meet up series, which will be held live at Algebra University College at Tuesday, November 15th from 6.00pm in Lecture room Steve Jobs.

This meet up will cover the following themes:

Flutter vs Native

Ivan Štajcer, Q agency

Do you wonder how much performance cost you pay for choosing Flutter over native? You’ll find out what is the performance difference, but more importantly, how does that affect you and your end users, and when to care about it.

Nested Navigation

Sandro Lovnički, Friendly Fire

This talk will cover the theory and implementation of somewhat advanced scenarios which require multiple independent and/or nested Navigators managed by Router widgets. After examining complex implementation details of the original Router API, we'll explore how Beamer tries to simplify this process.

Clean Architecture

Josip Krnjić, Infinum

Almost every week we see a new "clean architecture" article pop up. Which one of these architectures is the right one? This talk will explain how the whole clean code idea started and how it can be implemented in Flutter projects.

You can apply on the following link:

See you!

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