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Digital transformation, startup incubator, meeting point for academia and business community, research and innovations.

  • Together we use the power of digital technology to create new values - new products and new experiences.

Algebra LAB is a part of Pan-European network of Digital Innovation Hubs (DIHs).

Digital innovation hubs (DIH) help ensure that every company, small or large, high-tech or not, can grasp the digital opportunities. With technical universities or research organizations at the core, DIHs act as one-stop-shops where companies — especially SMEs, startups and mid-caps— can get access to technology-testing, financing advice, market intelligence and networking opportunities.

Big data, AI

Specific and actual application of latest top technology in management and business

Business innovations

How to recognize and adopt solutions that meet the challenges of the digital age

Digital transformation

A network of top educators and 20 years of experience

Business incubator

Professional support for new business ideas and teams in a creative and superbly equipped space


Algebra LAB

Open Innovation Lab

Algebra LAB is an open innovation lab - a meeting place of all the key elements needed for successful innovations. A place that offers applied research, entrepreneurial education and mentors, a network of professional contacts, top experts of different profiles (from artists to scientists and engineers), a network for knowledge dissemination and a unique shared space that supports continuous interaction and exchange of ideas.