Business development

Today continuous technology advances completely changes the business environment. Numerous new micro, small or medium-sized successfully start their businesses, often entering the "big" field - and disruptive innovations occur in all industries and all parts of the business process.

The life cycle of business ideas and products is shrinking and entrepreneurs are forced to constantly look for new solutions to remain business-relevant and ensure stability. The need for quality innovations in the business world is bigger than ever. The goal of our R & D team is to better understand the applicability and feasibility of ideas arising from digital technology, as well as to assess how new digital business models support, complement or completely disrupt the existing business environment.

Algebra LAB provides expert support to business entities (regardless of their size) and public administration bodies in implementing business and socially relevant projects based on digital technologies. Young entrepreneurs often build their success precisely in innovation and creative research, and our goal is to help them achieve their best ideas.

The expertise of our researchers includes a wide range of methods, technologies and implemented Data Science and Data Economy projects. Within this area, our researchers carried out a number of research projects, including experience management systems and churn management systems, lifecycle and customer value systems, financial and operational oversight systems, and cost allocation as well as advanced visualization and design of architecture for the application of big data analytics. Our clients are domestic and international business entities, government bodies and government institutions.


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