Startup incubator

The most exciting incubator program for new entrepreneurs in collaboration with Fil Rouge Capital and the INA ANI startup program!

Algebra LAB is the right place for you if you are thinking about starting your own business or if you have an interesting project and you are not sure how to launch it. We know that for you to come out to the market (and survive) you need structural resources, mentoring, access to financial resources, and sometimes specific technical knowledge and tools.

Algebra LAB startup incubator is executed in collaboration with Fil Rouge Capital and the INA ANI startup program.

All of this can be found at Algebra LAB because we have:

  • up to 10,000 €  in funding for the best applications
  • a co-working space with all the necessary technical prerequisites
  • mentoring, which also includes working with Fil Rouge Capital’s mentors
  • privileged access to the Fil Rouge Capital accelerator program (up to 10,000 € in funding)
  • support of the INA ANI start-up program
  • necessary expert and technical knowledge
  • networking
  • media attention

(Zagreb entrepreneurship incubator) was fully integrated into the Algebra Group and thus became the incubation, startup part of Algebra LAB.

  • Extension of the entrepreneurship incubator ZIP to increase and succeed in SME financing and entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial skills promotion