Startup teams

Startup incubator generation of 2018/19!


Tea Duvnjak and Mirna Mihoković, artists, designers and lovers of traditional culture know that digital production and old handcraft techniques go hand in hand. Their project is called PP and with the help of digital methods such as coding and 3D modeling, is trying to revive a part of cultural heritage and in an unconventional way inspire small changes with great influence, providing consultations, education and services to its users and partners.


Energy Shift is a platform that facilitates the financing of energy projects in the area of renewable energy through the collection of micro loans, with the ultimate goal of power plant construction. Filip Koprčina, who initiated the Energy Shift project brought together a team of three members – Ante Renić, FER student who already is engaged in renewable energy sources, Domagoj Leko, student of economics and Luka Lindić student of mechanical engineering.


It is well known that Croatia is a favorite tourist destination for a large number of foreign visitors. In order to make it easier for tourists and caterers to order accommodation, food, drinks … Dejan Kalanj, entrepreneur and IT lover and Christian Jurišić, web and graphic designer have launched the Smart Waiter project. This innovative project, through the digital interface, allows the user to order independently, but also offers many other useful information such as interactive maps, information on public transport, local events, etc., all in order for tourists to have a better holiday experience in Croatia.


The use of public transport can be pleasant and even educational with the SmartStop project that was launched by Antonio Patljak, 3rd year student of the Faculty of Architecture and Golden Arrow for Visual Effects of the film “Eighth Commissioner”, Ivan Popović, entrepreneur and student at Algebra and Franjo Topić also a student at Algebra. “SmartStop” smart public transport stations integrate all public service functions such as weather and timetable information, real-time vehicle location and expected arrival time, as well as some surprising innovations such as an overview of nearby events and facilities, free Wi-Fi internet access, charging of mobile and other devices via Wireless and USB chargers, inventory in digital form, etc.


We all know that kids don’t like chores, but they really, really like prizes. Ivanka Tirić Podoreški IT Risk Manager in Allianz Technology GmbH, Dubravko Ban, DevOps Team Leader in SPAN, Ivo Drinković founder and CEO in CIVITAS VETUS and Sandra Kovačić Vešligaj, Project Manager at HT came up with an idea to make chores fun. KidCoin word is a platform that will enable parents of school age children to monitor their activities, tasks, and obligations, and reward them with virtual coins that children can use to purchase individual items, but also donate to socially responsible services. It will encourage children to perform their duties and increase their financial literacy.


In order to enable students to gain practical skills and skills in the labor market through practice, education and different competition and thus enable them to find their ideal job David Rey Hudček and Tomislav Krišto, co-founders of the Štreberaj Educational Center and Luka Marić, student of the EFZG and the winner of the Case Study Competition of Croatian Telecom and StartupZG competitions, created the mobile application DING. Not only does it serv as a career compass for the students, employers can use it as a tool for employer branding.


Tomislav Krištof, Helena Čop and Zlatan Morić launched the Human Digital Intelligence initiative with the aim of discovering the dangers that everyone is experiencing in their digital everyday life and that they can focus their thoughts and behaviors on health and quality of life. By developing digital segments, HDI wants to help people develop their skills and habits, which will make them more efficient digitally, while preserving their physical and mental health.


It is no small matter to go to the Summer Work & Travel USA program and students will welcome all the help they can get. To this end, JayOne was designed by Teo Toplak, Šimun Peša, Borna Boban and Tomislav Toplak. This platform that will help program attendees to find employers and enables connecting them with other program participants throughout the United States, enhancing their experience, as well as the quality of Summer Work & Travel.


Students / talents wantes … if only there was none of that boring paperwork . To help students and employers ease employment, the enthusiastic team of developers Bojan Došen, Stjepan Pavleković, Mario Vegh and Ivan Begović launched the JobTag project. This project aims to develop a unified system to automate student-employer engagement and shorten the process of issuing contracts and payments.


Buying an airline ticket (especially if it’s at the last minute) can be an “expensive sport”. In order to provide users with contact free, cash free and fast purchase of airline tickets via a smartphone, Tea Vrcić, Jose Pose, Developer and Veronica Rodriguez Cepeda came up with a mobile application called Volo. With it, users can search for flights, compare prices, and buy the best option with only their fingerprint. In order for the application to be completely safe to use, the technology that drives it is based on biometrics.


Do you like to travel but also save on accomodation? Visko, Rino and Hrvoje know how to help you and there are already a few steps ahead of you. This dynamic trio has designed a FloorNap web application that will enable students, as well as other low-budget users, to find significantly more affordable accommodation and popularize the sleeping culture on the floor (in sleeping bags, of course). Visko Plenković is a student of FER, Hrvoje Živković, EFZG student, and Rino Duboković is a student of software engineering at Algebra. Rino is also a passionate traveler and the initiator of the project idea.