Our values

Let us be a part of your success story. We offer our expertise, our experience and wish to give you valuable and current knowledge in your chosen area.

Motivation and Specialization

We change you so you could change the world – for the better.

We are proud of the role we fill in your life. Teaching you to be ready to accept multiple and varied obstacles and overcome them. We have an individual approach to every student during the education, but also afterward. We teach you to become a leader, not a follower. We want you to recognize the areas you excel in and pursue them vigorously. Results will come. We already believe in you. It is very important that you do the same.


The area that separates us from the rest. There is no substitute for us.

We believe the education program we offer is the best. We take it personally and perfect it all the time. This way it always stays real-world ready. Ready for the world in which tomorrow you will find your desired profession. With us, the future holds no limits!


Our promises would sound empty if we couldn’t back them up with our accomplishments.

Algebra was founded in 2006. During its existence, we have become the leading regional informatics university, with 45 top of the line lecture halls in 20 Croatian cities and online classes available throughout the region. This makes us the largest education network in this part of Europe. We are proud to present over 300 workshops and 40 of our education programs in which each year over 18,000 students enroll.

These are some of the certificates and authorizations from our dear partners who have recognized our quality:

A strong tailwind

You will learn all about a continuously growing area that is IT. We believe this gives you a base for personal growth and makes you a prime target for employers worldwide

Modern methodology

We refuse to stand still in a rapidly changing world and take good care that all of our study programs stays up to date with world trends.

Matchless quality

Accolades and awards make us proud, as well as being proclaimed the best professional study in Croatia. We strive to justify your trust and take our role in your education very seriously.


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