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Pete Radovich – 41 Emmy Awards and 1st visit to Algebra

It was exciting yesterday at our campus, people looking for an extra seat at Tesla and Vrančić. All this because we had a really special guest this time - the legendary Pete Radovich!

This meeting was long in preparation and postponed once. But, it all paid off because it was truly great to have here with us Radovich, one of the world's most established producers and with Croatian background too. Radovich built a successful career in the world of sports television as a key figure in the most popular sports spectacle in the USA, the Super Bowl. He also worked for the famous 60 minutes show and is a producer of the weekly Inside the NFL. On the top of it all he directed music videos for CBS' coverage of the Super Bowl and the Final Four, with artists such as Jay-Z, Queen, Green Day , P-Diddy.

Pete Radovich is unique as the winner of 41 Emmy awards, in 17 different categories. He is the production coordinator for Inside the NFL on the Paramount+ channel and a producer of NFL and  NCAA championships, golf tournaments and other sports events for CBS Sports. As a senior creative director, Radovich is responsible for the art direction of CBS Sports channel.

In his lecture, The Power of Story, Radovich shared with us his recipe for creating successful musical, artistic, media and film works: "People remember stories, and that's why it's important to tell them well. You need to be able to engage the person and create genuine interest and deep emotion for what you are saying. Good stories add value to any product or service you market, and for a good story it is important that people can identify with it, that the story is simple and that everyone can find themselves in it. The best stories are those that people can identify with regardless of culture, skin color or financial status. An emotion that stays with you is a simple example of finding an angle in storytelling that manipulates what sticks in people's memories. Today's world is increasingly competitive, so I would tell young people to be very ambitious and let nothing stop them from doing what they really like to do. Try to figure out what your story is, no matter what you do, and tell it to the world," said Radovich.

This event was important to us because it was also a great opportunity to present Algebra's new professional undergraduate study in multimedia production, focused on creating stories through storytelling and communication through audiovisual content on different platforms.

"The study of multimedia production, like all study programs launched by Algebra, is the result of long-term monitoring of market changes. It puts an accent on knowledge and skills that need to be additionally boosted in order to educate best experts for multimedia jobs. Algebra's study of multimedia production, with a new structure and approach, departs from the previous narrow sphere of computing and enters the field of advanced media technologies. We feel that our study opens space for the students with diverse interests. Among them, for example, you could find students of journalism who will now have the opportunity to focus more on the production of multimedia content, in addition to their basic courses of creative writing", said Predrag Šuka, Head of Algebra's multimedia production studio.

To conclude, this event filled our meeting hall to the brim, the audience was attentive and inspired to ask tons of questions and we got great media coverage too. All thanks to the magic of Pete’s character, his personal and professional charisma alike. This buzz shows us that good story-telling, multimedia and top production are very interesting things to a wider audience as well. Our new study of multimedia production will certainly grow and develop from this interest, but also from the constant need that exists on the labor market for multimedia experts.

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