Image for Santa Pastare and Hager Ben Aïssa, two Erasmus+ students who spent the past semester at Algebra

Santa Pastare and Hager Ben Aïssa, two Erasmus+ students who spent the past semester at Algebra

We definitely recommend to international students to consider studying at Algebra

Hager Ben Aïssa from Tunisia and Santa Pastare from Latvia have just spent a full semester here in Croatia, studying at Algebra University College. Santa studies at Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences and has taken a number of courses in software engineering at Algebra, while Hager, originally from Tunisia, currently studies computer engineering at ENSIIE in France, but opted to have several courses in digital marketing and management of digital campaigns.

We were curious to hear how these two students decided to study in Croatia, using the benefits of the Erasmus+ programme. "I wanted to go to some place I have never been to and don't know a lot about, so I looked at the list of universities that are partners with my home university and there I noticed Croatia and Algebra University College. It seemed really nice that it's in the capital, so life is always going on here. And as the website is big part of first impression, it seemed like a perfect fit for me," explains Santa Pastare.

It was a bit different story for Hager Ben Aïssa. Her school in France has a cooperation with Algebra and she chose it because Algebra was the only one that had the digital marketing programme, a specific course she was interested in.

Of course, we also wanted to find out what they thought after a semester at Algebra. "The university is small so there's an individual approach for every student. I really like that all the teachers I had a chance to meet, have working experience in the subjects they are teaching, so they always knew what is more and what is less important in the real-life working environment," said Santa. Hager Ben Aïssa agrees, adding that she "loved being here, some of the teachers I had were the best in my whole education."

Pastare notes that she learned the most, actually, in courses she was not most excited about before coming to Croatia, like Object Oriented Programming and Application Development for Mobile Devices. "But in the end, these were my favourite courses," she says. Ben Aïssa, who was studying on the digital marketing programme, particularly liked behavioural economics, design thinking and strategic management of digital campaigns.

"Zagreb is pretty small and therefore really cosy and also safe at any time of the day," says Santa. "The location is perfect for traveling. I would definitely recommend it for other students who are still thinking to come here, because I can't think about any reason why not," she concludes. "Life here is very pleasant, the people are nice and relaxed," explains Hager Ben Aïssa, thanking everyone at Algebra for this semester.


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