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There are values we believe in since day one, shared by our teachers, but also by our students, whether they are 7 or 77 years old.

Our story

The road to discovering what we love doing is always hard to find. Some people realize early on what it is they want to do in life, but they are truly rare. We, however, know that those who are still wandering will find what they love with our help. Our lecturers have travelled down the same road, which is why they know every inch of it road and that is what makes them such excellent guides. Everyone who comes to Algebra becomes better and better at what they do, and as they get better at it, it makes them love doing it even more. Therefore, excellence in a certain field always goes hand in hand with loving what you do. Our story began in digital technology and will continue to focus on excellence in the field, while our greatest strength and our guiding principle are the quality of the processes, the programs and the lecturers.

Excellence in what one loves doing is a way to achieving happiness in life and to self-realization, because in addition to other important things in life, it is an essential quality of every fulfilled person. Our teachers all have one thing in common, and that is the passion for the subject they teach, which is something our students always feel and this spark gets transmitted to them. On the road to realizing what we love, there is a moment in which we realize we can do it and that we want to do it, and we refer to it as the spark. That is why we want everyone who is a part of Algebra to achieve excellence in what they love doing, that is to light that spark and shine in Algebra.

Everything we do in Algebra we do because we believe that everyone must find what they love doing and become great at it.

Our values

There are values we believe in since day one, shared by our teachers, but also by our students, whether they are 7 or 77 years old. We have chosen the attributes that reflect these values very carefully and they are key in creating a clear and unified image of our brand.

Specialized and of high quality

All our educational programs and processes are based on global standards and the most current knowledge needed for being successful on the labor market. We combine a strong foundation of theoretical knowledge with practical skills in order to assist our students in finding what they love doing. Our success is achieving that is best demonstrated by the fact that 100% of our students finds a job within 6 months after graduation, while as many as 85% of students in the lifelong learning programs change jobs or advance within 3 months of completing the program.

Passionate and proficient

Our teachers are a crucial part of our brand. In order to assist our students and educational program-attendees in finding what it is they love, our teachers also have to love what they do. That is why all our teachers are chosen very carefully after undergoing a rigorous process of selection, in which the key criterion is their drive, needed to instill their love for a certain profession in the students. We find it paramount that a great number of our teachers, in addition to having academic credentials, possesses proven practical experience working in a particular filed. We aim to create a sense of belonging to the academic community, which is why we establish respect through knowledge, rather than by authority.

Global and digital

All our educational programs follow leading global standards. The attendees of Algebra’s lifelong learning programs, as well as the students of Algebra’s professional and MBA programs truly gain knowledge that prepares them for the global labor market, demonstrated by the fact that our alumni go on to find positions at Google, Amazon or Skype. At the very beginning, when we initiated our educational and professional programs, and even today, our focus has always been the same – education in the area of digital technologies. We firmly believe that digital technologies are the driving force of the society and the economy, and a means for our students to affect a positive change in the world.


Education for us stands for a person’s academic qualities, as well as one’s social attributes. We strongly believe that one is ready to advance only once he or she finds balance in life. Therefore, we create an environment that equally encourages gaining a quality education and having high quality of life. Investing in education always means equally investing in one’s self. We believe that, precisely by enrolling in professional or educational programs, we achieve a balance between daily obligations and quality time devoted to ourselves.

Fulfilling and fun

In addition to the academic segment of learning, we also value its social component. We believe that by encouraging social activities, alongside learning, we make our students more motivated to discover what they love doing and excel at it. That is why we create a series of additional activities designed to complement their studies and fill their free time with quality and fun contents. Each year we organize different sports activities, hackathons, parties and field trips for our students, as well as collaborating with galleries, museums and clubs, while also encouraging our students to continue socializing.


Excellence is the key to the emotional differentiation of our brand – we assist our students in discovering what they love doing and excel at it. Numerous recognitions and certificates for the quality of our educational programs and processes attest to our excellence, as well as top-notch lecturers who transmit this spark to all the students who come to Algebra. On the road to finding what we love, there is a moment we realize we can do it and we want to do it, which is what we like to call the spark, therefore, our wish is for everyone who is a part of Algebra to achieve excellence in what they love doing, and for them to find this spark and shine in Algebra.

EC-Council Accredited Training Center

Cisco Networking Academy

VUE Authorized Test Center

Autodesk Training Centre for AutoCAD, Inventor and 3D Studio tools

Adobe Authorised Training Partner

ECDL i Advanced ECDL Training Centre

VMware – official VMware Authorized Traning Center

ITIL – status Licensed Affilliate from ITpreneurs Nederland B.V. part of  Authorised Training Organization AXELOS®.

Microsoft Gold Certified Partner for Learning Solutions, Authorized Training Centre

Red Hat Academy – Certification and Courses

Oracle Approved Education Center – we provide Oracle education in Croatia

A strong tailwind

You will learn all about a continuously growing area that is IT. We believe this gives you a base for personal growth and makes you a prime target for employers worldwide

Modern methodology

We refuse to stand still in a rapidly changing world and take good care that all of our study programs stays up to date with world trends.

Matchless quality

Accolades and awards make us proud, as well as being proclaimed the best professional study in Croatia. We strive to justify your trust and take our role in your education very seriously.


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