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Mini MBA Digital media briefing

At yesterday's meeting with journalists from the biggest national media houses, we presented our top-notch Mini MBA lecturers and the concept of Mini MBA Digital, a new educational platform with focus on digital transformation of market-oriented companies. The program starts in November and is ideal for all levels of management, in all areas of business.

Ivan Maglić, representative of the analytical company Gartner for the Adriatic region and a lecturer at the Mini MBA Digital, emphasized that there is still a great misunderstanding of the process of digital transformation among managers of large, medium and small companies. Slow transition and non-acceptance of new technologies, fear of the unknown and unwillingness to change the business model are the main factors that slow down the processes of digital transformation and thus jeopardize the competitiveness of Croatian companies.

Arsen Šolić, Head of the MBA program in Algebra, pointed out that we launched this program aware of the fact that many Croatian companies have not systematically embarked on the path of digital transformation, but that their potential is great. However, even at this presentation, excellent examples of Croatian companies that went through the process of digital transformation stood out, as well as examples of transformation projects on which our lecturers worked.

Entire Mini MBA Digital program lasts five months - two modules per month, each consisting of 10 teaching hours, in the form of interactive classes of the workshop type, in small and dynamic groups.

Ten modules that make the Mini MBA Digital program are taught by some of the leading experts such as Ivan Maglić, Vedran Brničević from Suprabit, Kruno Lenac from Gideon Brothers, Darian Škarica from Delta Reality, Ratko Mutavdžić from Microsoft, Davor Runje, Milan Parat, Senad Kulenović and others.

Algebra Mini MBA Digital program kicks off on November 11 this year and more information can be found at

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