Image for The first day of the Canon Workshop @Algebra

The first day of the Canon Workshop @Algebra

Here's how it was at the opening of the Canon Workshop @Algebra, organized in cooperation with Canon Hrvatska.

Our lecturer Robert Krivec and assistant lecturer Antonio Britvar opened the workshop by welcoming student creativity. Goran Sretenoski, General B2C Director for Canon Adria, spoke next and introduced the gathered students to the long history of the Canon company and its impressive technological progress.

Harald Sahling, the Business Developer from Canon CEE, head of the Canon Ambassador program and the Canon Professional Services (CPS) project, brought students closer to the various possibilities of the Canon community, all as an introduction to the inspiring lecture of Canon Ambassador Sanjay Jogia.

Sanjay explained his work to our students, told stories from the beginning of his career, evoked the beauty, but also responsibility of the photographic profession, and emphasized the importance and benefits of quality education. He shared the artful secrets of the craft with the gathered and highlighted that creativity and resourcefulness almost always go hand in hand in his impressive, many-award-winning creations.

He also talked about the power of photography, the importance of the emotion it conveys, and the impact it can have. Sanjay announced that he will reveal much more knowledge gained through his career to the students in the following activities. That's why we'll see you again tomorrow January 18th at 9 a.m. in the Faust Vrančić hall!

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