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2020 – a great year for Algebra students in DIHUB project

Nowadays entrepreneurs are increasingly facing challenges that require a technological solution and innovation and someone who would offer them these solutions. On the other hand, many students develop ideas that can grow into technologically demanding products, but do not know how to market their ideas. That is why there is a DIHUB project that, by encouraging the use of cloud technology, combines the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises with the ideas of Algebra students.

This year’s activities within DIHUB project have yielded numerous solutions by Algebra students that will optimize the business of many entrepreneurs.

Orbit is a cloud management service that offers companies storage space and the same experience as Microsoft or Amazon, but is much simpler to use and more affordable. The service that solves companies' problems of infrastructure and planning of fast-growing storage space was developed by young experts - Marin Miletić and Karlo Bertina.

Parents of children with speech and language difficulties often face the challenge of attending live exercises with their children and therapists. Therefore, in collaboration with a speech therapist from Suvag, Algebra students have designed WeSpeak - a therapeutic application in digital form that allows parents to perform exercises with their children in their own home. This therapy stimulates the development of speech and cognitive and motor-physical abilities in a fun way. Young experts who created this therapy are Rudolf Gumzej, Boren Dujnić, Kristijan Kožul and Šimun Peša. Nikola Srića Žic, Mate Kovilić and Jakov Gudec have designed a Pocketmenu and made baristas happy! The main goal of coffee shop and restaurant owners is to have satisfied and loyal guests, but they also want to reduce the costs of the running business. Pocketmenu is an innovative digital application that will allow coffee shop and restaurant owners to adjust and enrich their menu every day, introduce guests to different daily offers and present their promotions on a daily basis. The application allows customers to filter the menu according to their own wishes, find out the nutritional value of each dish and simply order the desired dish via its own smartphone.

Natural and other disasters cause great financial and emotional consequences and face companies with suffering a major financial damage due to the permanent loss of important data or the collapse of a business applications. Algebra students are developing a disaster recovery cloud based service - a combination of processes, policies and procedures that ensure the recovery of infrastructure after a disaster. The main goal of the project is to ensure uptime and prevent data loss. This service will allow users to pay a subscription tailored to their needs, making it much more affordable than existing disaster recovery models of some global services.

Many companies and schools have shifted to work from home due to the pandemic. Therefore, a lot of confidential information is exchanged in virtual environment and in addition, taking notes from a meeting can be challenging. In order to maintain the security of collaboration systems, Algebra student Kristijan Dizdar is developing a full cloud collaboration system for a large number of users that will guarantee the data security and easier availability of all recorded materials and documents.

During the year, the opportunity to participate in the DIHUB project was presented to the students along with the goal of the project – improve businesses of small and medium enterprises by encouraging the use of cloud technology and developing students’ ideas and projects. More on DIHUB project at: #DIHUB