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Mission, vision, values

We promise to help you find what you like to do and that we will encourage you to excel – with the quality of our programs and processes, passionate lecturers, globally applicable knowledge, and the promotion of quality of life.

There are values that we believe in from the first day and that are shared by our lecturers, but also by our attendees, whether they are 7 or 77 years old. We have carefully selected the attributes that are the reflection of these values and are key to creating a clear and unique image of our brand.

Specialized and high quality

All our curricula and processes are based on global standards and the most relevant knowledge required for success in the labor market. We combine a strong theoretical background with practical knowledge to help our students find what they like to do. Our success is best demonstrated by the fact that 100% of our students find a job within 6 months of the degree, while as many as 85% of the lifelong learning program changes work or progresses within 3 months after the end of the program.

Passionate and professional

Our lecturers are a key part of our brand. To help our students and trainers to find what they like, our lecturers must love their jobs as well. That is why we carefully choose each of our lecturers through a rigorous and thorough selection process, where the key criterion for their “drive” is to strive for a love of a specific profession. It is important for us that a large number of our professors, along with the academic degree, also have a proven practical experience. We want to create a sense of belonging to the academic community, we do not build ourselves above the students but we build authority with knowledge.

Global and digital

All our curricula and processes are in line with leading global standards. Algebra’s Lifelong Learning Program, and especially the Algebra University students and our MBA program, really gain the knowledge that prepares them for the global labor market, as evidenced by our alumni that are now working in Google, Amazon and Skype. When we started with our education programes, when we started the University College, but still today, our focus remained the same – education in the field of digital technologies. We really believe that digital technology is the motor of society and economy, a means by which our students and students can change the world to the better.


Education for us implies the academic but also the social component of a person. We strongly believe that people are ready for progress only when they finds a balance in life. Therefore, we create an environment that will equally stimulate the quality of education and fulfilling and quality life. Investing in education always means investing in yourself. We believe that by simply enrolling in a study or education program, we achieve a balance between everyday commitments and quality time that we have for ourselves.

Fulfilled and fun

Apart from the academic one, the social component of learning is also a very important. We believe that encouraging socializing alongside with learning motivates our attendees and students to find what they like to do and excel at it. That is why we create a whole range of content that will complement their leisure time in a good and fun way. Each year we organize various sports activities, hackatons, parties, academic excursions, collaborating with galleries, museums and clubs every year for our students, as well as encouraging continuous attendance of our education programs.


Excellence is the key emotional differentiation of our brand – we help our students and students find what they like to do and become excited about. Our excellence is proven by numerous acknowledgments and certifications for the quality of our teaching programs and processes, as well as the top passionate lecturers who pass this spell on all the students and students who come to Algebra. On the road to finding what we love there is the moment when we realize we can and we want to do it, we call that moment spark, so we want all who are part of Algebra to be excellent in what they like to do and light the spark at Algebra.