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Here are the Green-Tech Hackathon mentors!

Participants of the Green-Tech Hackathon, organized by the British Embassy Zagreb, will develop their green, ecological, organic and technologically advanced ideas in cooperation with excellent mentors from the world of entrepreneurship, technology and sustainable development. We present mentors for the Green-Tech Hackathon!

Andrija Garofulić

Andrija is Partner of advisory department in Mazars Croatia, with clients in the private/owner manager and small/mid cap sphere. Andrija also serves as Mazars FAS lead for Adria region. He has over 10 years of sector experience and experience with the SME sector and broad scope of company valuations performed for sellers and buyers. He obtained the license of a certified accountant of the United Kingdom and the license of a certified appraiser and court expert for finance and taxes of the Republic of Croatia.

Leo Mršić

Leo is an entrepreneur with many years of experience in managing companies and teams of various sizes and a strong foundation in the application of digital innovations through the combination of technical and business knowledge. With more than a hundred completed projects, he belongs to the early generation of Croatian data scientists, who, by combining practical and academic knowledge, have brought notable recognition to the region. He is the Vice Dean for Research and Development at the Algebra University College, a permanent court expert in the field of finance and informatics, co-founder of several startups, including the first company in the region fully dedicated to organic projects in the field of data science (IN2data). Active as an expert and lecturer in Zagreb, Ljubljana and Brussels, today he is dedicated to the development of projects and ideas that combine digital technologies in projects of wider social significance.

Maja Brkljačić

Maja is a Business Development Manager at Algebra LAB, the oldest Croatian incubator. She has many years of experience in mentoring startups, their networking, financing and market entry support. In addition, she works on domestic and international projects with public and private sector stakeholders on the implementation of high-tech solutions in business (especially in the field of data science). She has won several international scientific and research scholarships and awards.

Marko Capek

Marko is intensively involved in environmental protection and has gained his experience through ten years of work in the United Nations Development Program in Croatia and abroad, as well as through traveling, researching and activism. He is an advocate of energy efficiency, innovations and zero waste lifestyle, on the topic of which he has organized a number of events and workshops. He operates through the Terra Hub Croatia association and the Koinonia.

Neil Whittaker

Neil has gained many years of experience in managing projects with sustainable goals in a number of management positions. Today, he shares his experience with the startup community working as an Incubation Manager at Energy System Catapult whose program, as a comprehensive British initiative, provides business support to SMEs. The program encourages the development of innovative business models and provides mentoring to ensure commercial revenue of the SMEs.

Matija Žulj

Matija is an entrepreneur who, after gaining experience in the digital industry, dedicated himself to the digital transformation of the agri-food chain. His interest in sustainable development and social well-being led to the founding of the startup Agrivi, which grew into a global AgTech company. Matija is the CEO of the company, and his team supports large farms across 100 countries around the world in achieving economically and environmentally sustainable food production.

Stevica Kuharski

Stevica is an investor and entrepreneur with more than two decades of experience in software development, and has been active in the regional startup community since 2012. Locodels, Habbits and Alamo are just three of the many successful projects he has launched and very successfully positioned these companies in the market. Today, he is the Head of Scouting for Fil Rouge Capital and he is focused on supporting startup ecosystems and innovative companies in Croatia.

Tom Oštrić

Tom has dedicated himself to entrepreneurship after many years of journalistic experience and sales management. He established one of the first Croatian privately owned IT company. Also, he is one of the founders of the O2 company, his expertise is project management in IT projects, and with the team he develops and implements projects related to IT integrations.