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UNIQUE – Working towards Achieving Tolerance in the Classroom

We are proud to encourage the development of tolerance in classrooms together with partners on the UNIQUE Erasmus+ project. The first step along the way is to develop a curriculum with suggestions of teaching content and topics for teachers on ways to create a more tolerant environment in classrooms. This will raise the awareness of VET teachers towards the importance of creating inclusive classrooms and an environment of tolerance in educational institutions, and to develop equal educational opportunities. Together with the project partners, Algebra's team is currently working on developing the curriculum itself.

The curriculum process was preceded by the development of national reports – Algebra's team produced a National Report for Croatia, while other partners prepared reports for their own countries. The report included the conclusions of secondary research such as research into institutional and social discrimination in Croatia compared to EU-28 countries. In addition, a primary survey was carried out in several segments – opinions on the state of discrimination in Croatia were collected by an online survey and extensive interviews and focus groups were conducted with students, teachers and professors. This made it possible to gather opinions and comments on the current state of tolerance in Croatian classrooms and to produce a national report.

The meeting of project partners took place on 20 October 2021, which was an opportunity to analyse the conclusions of national reports and plan the development of curricula based on conclusions. The project will involve so-called ambassadors – people who will voluntarily inform the target group about the results of the project. The project partners thus considered potential ambassadors and their role.

The partners met again on 15 December 2021 in an online setting. During the meeting, the partners analyzed progress related to curriculum development and planned how the curriculum would be implemented and implemented. Algebra is working to develop free online educational materials for teachers. After production, educational materials will be tested in certain partner countries (Greece, the Netherlands, Poland, Cyprus, Bulgaria and Germany). In addition to checking the quality of educational materials, this process will ensure their relevancy globally and help evaluate educational strategies that seek to minimise discrimination while increasing tolerance in vocational education and training institutions.

Algebra's team is proud to participate in this project, which contributes to the implementation of quality educational strategies and aims to foster tolerance in educational institutions.

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