MOC 20339-1A Planning and Administering SharePoint 2016

In this course, you will learn to deploy, administer, and troubleshoot a Microsoft SharePoint 2016 environment.

You’ll learn the guidelines, best practices, and considerations to install, configure, manage, and optimize SharePoint 2016.

Što ćete naučiti

  • Key features of SharePoint 2016
  • Design a logical and physical architecture for a SharePoint 2016 deployment
  • Install and configure SharePoint 2016
  • Create and configure web applications and site collections
  • Manage users, permissions, and secure content in a SharePoint 2016 deployment
  • Configure authentication in a SharePoint 2016 deployment
  • Configure platform and farm-level security in a SharePoint 2016 deployment
  • Mange information taxonomy in SharePoint web applications and site collections
  • Configure and manage user profiles and audiences
  • Configure and Manage the Search Experience in SharePoint 2016
  • Monitor, maintain, and troubleshoot a SharePoint 2016 deployment

Kome je namijenjeno

  • Experienced IT professionals interested in learning how to install, configure, deploy and manage SharePoint 2016 installations either in a data center or in the cloud
  • IT Professional
  • Experience with Windows PowerShell


  • Software management in a Windows Server 2012 or Windows Server 2012 R2 enterprise server environment
  • Deploying and managing applications natively, virtually, and in the cloud
  • Administering IIS
  • Configuring AD DS for use in authentication, and as a user store
  • Managing an application remotely by using Windows PowerShell 4.0
  • Managing databases and server roles in SQL Server
  • Connecting applications to SQL Server
  • Implementing claims-based security
  • Using Microsoft Hyper-V virtual machines
  • Minimum one year experience with deploying and administering multiple SharePoint 2013 farms across a large enterprise
  • Two years’ experience with SharePoint 2010 along with knowledge of the differences between SharePoint 2010 and SharePoint 2013, specifically in terms of hybridization

Nastavni plan

1. Introducing SharePoint 2016
  • Key components of a SharePoint Deployment
  • New features in SharePoint 2016
  • SharePoint 2016 deployment options
2. Design an Information Architecture
  • Identify the architecture and capabilities of SharePoint 2016
  • Identify new and deprecated features in SharePoint 2016
  • Identify deployment options for SharePoint 2016
3. Design a Logical Architecture
  • Overview of the SharePoint 2016 logical architecture
  • Document your logical architecture
4. Design a Physical Architecture
  • Design physical and supporting components for SharePoint deployments
  • SharePoint farm topologies
  • Map a logical architecture design to a physical architecture design
5. Install and Configure SharePoint 2016
  • Install SharePoint 2016
  • Script installation and configuration of SharePoint
  • Configure SharePoint 2016 farm settings
6. Create Web Applications and Site Collections
  • Create and configure web applications
  • Create and configure site collections
7. Plan and Configure Service Applications
  • Service application architecture introduction
  • Create and configure service applications
8. Manage Users, Permissions, and Secure Content
  • Configure authorization in SharePoint 2016
  • Manage access to content
9. Configure Authentication for SharePoint 2016
  • Overview of authentication
  • Configure federated authentication
  • Configure server-to-server authentication
10. Secure a SharePoint 2016 Deployment
  • Secure the platform
  • Configure farm-level security
11. Mange Taxonomy
  • Mange content types
  • Understand managed metadata
  • Configure the managed metadata service
12. Configure User Profiles
  • Configure the user profile service application
  • Configure directory import and synchronization
13. Configure Enterprise Search
  • Understand the search service application architecture
  • Configure and manage enterprise search
14. Monitor and Maintain a SharePoint 2016 Environment
  • Monitor a SharePoint 2016 environment
  • Tuning and optimization a SharePoint 2016 environment
  • Plan and configure caching
  • Troubleshoot a SharePoint 2016 environment