Red Hat OpenShift Developer II: Building Kubernetes Applications – DO288

Design, build, and deploy containerized applications on Red Hat OpenShift

Red Hat OpenShift Developer II: Building Kubernetes Applications (DO288) teaches you how to design, build, and deploy containerized software applications on an OpenShift cluster. Whether you are migrating existing applications or writing container-native applications, you will learn how to boost developer productivity powered by Red Hat® OpenShift Container Platform, a containerized application platform that allows enterprises to manage container deployments and scale their applications using Kubernetes. 

Što ćete naučiti

  • Features for developers in the Red Hat OpenShift web console.
  • Building and publishing container images for Red Hat OpenShift.
  • Managing container deployments on Red Hat OpenShift.
  • Create and deploy multi-container applications on Red Hat OpenShift.
  • Deploy multi-container applications using Helm Charts and Kustomize.
  • Create health checks to monitor and improve application reliability.

Kome je namijenjeno

  • Enterprise application developers
  • DevOps site reliability engineers


Nastavni plan

Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform for Developers
  • Define the Red Hat OpenShift architecture, concepts and terminology, and set up the developer environment.
Deploying Simple Applications
  • Deploy simple applications by using the Red Hat OpenShift web console and command-line tools.
Building and Publishing Container Images
  • Build, deploy and manage the lifecycle of container images by using a container registry.
Managing Red Hat OpenShift Builds
  • Describe the Red Hat OpenShift build process and build container images.
Managing Red Hat OpenShift Deployments
  • Describe the different Red Hat OpenShift deployment strategies and how to monitor the health of applications.
Deploying Multi-container Applications
  • Deploy multi-container applications by using Red Hat OpenShift templates, Helm charts, and Kustomize.
Continuous Deployment using Red Hat OpenShift Pipelines
  • Implement CI/CD workflows by using Red Hat OpenShift Pipelines.