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CEISEE 2022 will mainly focus on, but not be limited to, the following suggested topics:

  • Development trends of software engineering and education
  • Requirements & cultivation of high quality software engineers
  • New models and reformation of software engineering education
  • Knowledge body and curriculum for software engineering education
  • MOOC/SPOC based innovation and reformation of software engineering education
  • Development and construction of software engineering discipline
  • Industry-university collaboration on software engineering education
  • Internationalization of software engineering education in globalization environment
  • Engineering professional accreditation for software education major
  • Quality assurance and evaluation in software engineering education
  • MOOC based e-learning and smart classrooms for software education
  • Applications of modern education technique into software talents training
  • Interdisciplinary education for software engineering, artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing, Industry 4.0 etc.
  • Software engineering education and teaching with Metaverse
  • Virtual simulation teaching mode and method for software engineering
  • AI + education and teaching for software engineering
  • Education and teaching for new engineering majors (Service Science, Robotics, Autonomous System, Internet of Things engineering, etc.)
  • Core teaching resources for software engineering education
  • Virtual teaching organization for software engineering education

A strong tailwind

You will learn all about a continuously growing area that is IT. We believe this gives you a base for personal growth and makes you a prime target for employers worldwide

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We refuse to stand still in a rapidly changing world and take good care that all of our study programs stays up to date with world trends.

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Accolades and awards make us proud, as well as being proclaimed the best professional study in Croatia. We strive to justify your trust and take our role in your education very seriously.

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