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Algebra University, in collaboration with the Special Hospital St. Catherine, Dante Genomics, and PJR, has launched the "Nutrigenomics365" project, funded by the European Union under the NextGenerationEU program. The project is led by UJE LLC.

Nutrigenomics365 represents an innovative venture at the intersection of genetics, nutrition, and digital technology. By integrating advanced gene sequencing techniques with the latest medical achievements, this project aims to revolutionize the approach to personalized medicine and nutrition. Our goal is to provide a comprehensive data service that will enable medical professionals to make more precise diagnoses and therapies, with a special focus on sequencing and detailed interpretation of each individual's genetic patterns.

Our service not only facilitates the identification of genetic predispositions for certain diseases and conditions related to digestion and nutrition but also enables the creation of personalized nutritional plans. This is achieved through sophisticated analysis that combines genetic information with lifestyle and dietary habits data, allowing for the creation of detailed customized scenarios for optimal digestion and overall health improvement.

The system we are developing synthesizes a wide range of data points, from genetic markers to data obtained through detailed patient histories, integrating them into a unique model that serves as a tool for medical diagnostics and as a system for personalized nutrition management. In this way, Nutrigenomics365 bridges the gap between traditional medicine and nutrition, providing a platform for a holistic approach to individual health.

The project aims to offer a fast, accurate, and scalable service available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to facilitate maximum access to vital information for medical, pharmaceutical, and nutrition professionals. It also focuses on addressing a wide range of health challenges, from digestive system issues to diseases caused or exacerbated by dietary habits, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, heart diseases, and many others. Nutrigenomics365 not only seeks to improve the quality of life of individuals through personalized nutrition but also to promote a deeper understanding of the link between genetics, nutrition, and health, opening new horizons in disease prevention and treatment.