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3rd Spring School

3rd Spring School

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IoT system for autonomous driving using computer vision and artificial intelligence


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European Social Fund, Operational Program Efficient Human Resources 2014-2020

ALGEBRA (TIIT) – Transformation and internationalization of Algebra IT study program 

UP. / 2018 – 2021


IoT system for autonomous driving using computer vision and artificial intelligence

  • 17 May – 28 May 2021
  • Courses will be held after 5 PM


  • Are you a creative and curious person interested in the world of digital technologies?
  • Would you be interested in spending two weeks in May learning all about the latest technological breakthroughs at a leading educational institution while adding new skills to your CV?
  • If you see yourself in the above description, then Algebra’s IoT & AI Spring School is the right choice for you!

A challenging and cutting-edge course awaits you at Algebra University College, where you will master new knowledge and skills in the field of Internet of Things and artificial intelligence.

The prerequisite for a successful participation in the program is knowledge of the basics of programming in any programming language, preferably Python or similar.

Now that you know the perfect formula for an innovative spring, it is time to send us your application and join Algebra’s IoT & AI Spring School!

You can apply for the spring school until 7 May 2021 via the online application form found on our website.

Join us at Algebra and become an architect of the digital future!

#Excel at what you love doing!

Algebra TIIT Project Team

About the program


INTERNET OF THINGS AND ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE: IoT system for autonomous driving using computer vision and artificial intelligence

  • 6 ECTS

The subject of this course is the development of IoT systems for autonomous driving and data collection by way of computer vision using machine learning methods. In order to successfully develop this IoT system, a small robot on wheels equipped with a camera, a local image processing unit, a communication module and a control module will be used. Using the camera, the robot will be able to follow the track, recognize signs and obstacles.

The aim of the course is to familiarize participants with the technologies, concepts and architectures necessary for the implementation of IoT systems that use artificial intelligence in IoT devices, as well as to motivate participants to actively take part in the design and implementation of the most efficient IoT system for autonomous driving.

Participants will learn the basics of embedded technologies, the main IoT related concepts, relevant communication protocols and standards used in industry. Special emphasis will be placed on the application of artificial intelligence in IoT devices for local processing, off-loading communication and servers. Simultaneously, participants will go through the basic concepts of artificial intelligence as well as the relevant libraries and development environments used for its implementation.


  • Introduction to IoT and embedded systems
  • Design principles of IoT architecture
  • Programming Raspberry Pi in Python
  • Use of MQTT and HTTP protocols on Raspberry Pi
  • Basics of computer vision and image processing using OpenCV in Python
  • Introduction to artificial intelligence with an emphasis on devices with limited resources (edge ​​and IoT)
  • Application of artificial intelligence to image processing, machine learning, deep learning
  • Building a REST API in cloud for storing telemetry data in a database
  • Building a web interface for telemetry data visualization in cloud

The knowledge you will acquire



  • Learn the basics of IoT architectures and their application
  • Develop a software for an IoT robot that can autonomously drive, collect and send telemetry data using standard network protocols
  • Learn the basics of computer vision and machine learning by way of their application to the issue of autonomous driving, recognition of signs and obstacles
  • Develop a cloud service that can collect and visualize telemetry data

Time and place


  • 17 May – 28 May 2021 
  • Courses will be held after 5 PM.
  • Algebra University College, Ilica 242, HR-10000, Zagreb
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Accommodation is not subsidized by the project. However, if you need a place to stay while in Zagreb, the Project Assistant will be happy to assist you in the process of finding suitable accommodation.

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